Beautiful Mountain Girls Compulsory Type "Maidens ... They Can Not Lick The Mountains ... Because They Are Like That, They Are Going To Be Comforted As They Go To Bed." Kotone Suzumiya Mari Yuri

Release Date: 2018-02-19 4:08 AM, Duration: 120 min(s)

Kotone and Maria of a college student who went to climb to enjoy fashionable outdoor. However, he got stuck in a mountain where he was unfamiliar and lost his cell phone radio wave. While making consciousness stunned, I reached a somewhat sadly inn. Two people thought that it was saved by this, they are played with the man in the inn, North and son Taichi. As it is enclosed in a guest house, the two become a comfort thing to handle the libido of the men who go in and out. It keeps being caught inside, and eventually they pregnant ... ....